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Electric Pickup Truck

The marketing of an electric pickup truck. The making of is also inspiring.

Of course I had a long conversation with my branding lawyer about the legality of allegedly remixing the Tesla logo into something different. My lawyer assured me that US patent and copyright law is not yet enforced in the EU and that any claims made by US lawyers would fall on deaf ears within the EU. If there are any copyright claims or meme related lawsuits I will forward them to my lawyer within the EU.


Jesus X Ninjutsu

I can really enjoy the following artists’ work.




CREAM; Cash Ruins Everything Around Me.


It’s great to see Nick Leeson, a banker that was almost singlehandedly responsible for the fall of Barings Investment Bank while he was living in Singapore in the mid-1990s, talk about “More control, […] and regulation”. Anyway whether you agree with big banking or not he explains that they need more quality regulators to sort out what the financial traders are cooking up in terms of financial instruments. These financial instruments work within the bounds (or gray areas) of the laws and regulations whilst earning the traders large profits. I guess if the financial sector would want to regain the confidence of the general public; financial managers should be held publicly accountable for the losses they have caused the general public and through transparency the public should be informed about what kind of constructions should be avoided in the future.



Descending EP Cover Art

DYFR006, the new DYFR records after 2 years of silence. 3 timeless tracks from minimal acid / techno to cheerful electronics and ending in a massive underground acid fest. 140 gr red transparent vinyl with hand-spray-painted stencilled cover designs.

The design of the version available through Bandcamp differs from the retail version in detail and composition and only about 30 will be made in this way!


Baz Reznik – Descending EP, DYFR06
full cover art by PiXelSHift


Baz Reznik – Descending EP, DYFR06
retail cover art by PiXelSHift