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Government Spying and the Social Credit System

“Hacking has increasingly become what governments consider a legitimate investigative tool. They use the same methods and techniques as criminal hackers. And what this means is they will try to remotely takeover your device. Once they do this, by detecting a vulnerability in the software that your device runs, such as Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows, they can craft a special type of attack code called an exploit. They then launch this exploit with the vulnerability on your device, which allows them to take total control of that device. […] Everything that you ever typed into that search box, Google has a copy of. Every private message that you’ve sent on Facebook, every link that you’ve clicked, everything that you’ve liked. They keep a permanent record of.”

Snowdon, Edward

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Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, And Threats To Democracy“, Sep. 17, 2019. Snowden, Edward. Online interview. The 11th Hour, MSNBC. Accessed 17.12.2023.

Top 5 Hacking Tools with Former Black Hat Hacker“, Nov. 23, 2023. Shawn Ryan Show, online interview. Accessed 24.01.2024.

This Black Ops Unit Is CIA’s Best Kept Secret“, Dec. 17, 2023. Tacticore, online video. Accessed 27.12.2023. At 2:48 Edward Snowdon is credited with outing NSA / CIA survellience of Chancellor A. Merkel of Bundesrepublik Germany.

Also see “Internet Freedom: Verweghistan“.

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MH370 Leaked Footage

A US Navy officer was given a court-martial probably over the leaked Malaysia Airlines MH370 crash footage coming from US Military satellites and drones. Former Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin was sentenced but there is a strong suspicion that it was a coverup as he would have allegedly sold US Military secrets to China. The footage was leaked to the internet and clearly shows anomalies around the airplane before it is vaporised.

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Jay Arae Essex is a meta-physical practitioner with very strong remote-viewing capabilities. Understand that people have to elevate their consciousness to comprehend ET technology and be able to communicate with friendly ETs. He gives an explanation about the leaked Malaysia Airlines MH370 footage and what the anomalies around the airplane are doing before the plane vanishes.

“The Malaysia Airlines MH370 what happened there was, there was some ETs, they were very high-tech, compassionate, historians […]. They went back into the past. Um, just a little bit. They’re from the future they came into the past to try to stop it. What happened […].”

Essex, Jay Arae

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“So when we talk about extraterrestrial intelligence and these other dimensions, we have to begin to entertain the idea – first of all, almost anyway that they would manifest is going to look like magic to us. And it’s very easy to confuse that with something from another dimension that is an ET. So you just accept that that’s the case, but there is a distinct learning curve that happens as you begin to go out and make contact, where you can clearly discern the energy of a human militarized decoy. It’s very obvious. It’s invasive, if you see the object up close, it’s got seams, parts, protuberances, rivets and stuff like this. It’s not an ET.”

Dr. Greer, Steven

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Timeline Convergence

Timeline Convergence and Paradox of Time.
Timeline Convergence, 2023. Dave PiXelSHift

The convergence of timelines running through the gauntlet and the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ clearing process coming out the other side.

“Well when I saw that rainbow disc […] It felt like it was all narratives, all events, all possibilities. All hitting at once – good and bad, good, bad, and neutral, whatever, but; and it was like the wrap up of all the storylines. I know I’ve explained this before. But we have so much fuel – energy, gas in the tank in this construct. And that energy comes from us and we have been constantly refilling the tank. With our belief systems and our programs and our energy. But so many have stopped doing that.

That we’ve been, the fuel ran out and now we’re running on fumes and it’s like we have to just use up the energy in this place. The energy that’s stored in all the narratives and timelines. Has to be exhausted, has to be burned off, and it feels very much like it’s all happening, at the same time I guess. Concurrently. […] It’s that last blast of energy in all the narratives.”

Harrison, Lisa M.

During the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ process, the belief systems that no longer serve you are amplified and played back to you in order for you to evaluate and abandon patterns that obviously no longer serve you. Release resistance to the things you do want and spend less time on the beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. It is important to note that this process is governed by ‘The Law of Attraction’ and ‘The Law of Mirroring’. As long as you realise the parameters of the process whilst negative patterns are amplified and are thus being brought to your attention, it is so much easier for the individual to release them, let them go.

“Part of the fun of it is to move your mind and your body in the direction of what is wanted. And by doing that you’re essentially saying ‘yes’ to the universe. In a passive state, the only thing that can be mirrored is [a] ‘passive state’. You kind of screw yourself because [of] ‘The Law of Mirroring’, right?”

Swan, Teal

The point of what the before-mentioned quote is saying is release your focus (your point of interest) to the things you do not want; and from the point of zero (the point of silence) redirect your interest, your focal point to the things you do want, the things that excite you – fuel your creativity.


Hall of Mirrors“, ≈Nov., 2022. Lisa M. Harrison, online video. Accessed 29.10.2023. At 14:10 Lisa discusses the “Hall of Mirrors” process.

How to Manipulate The Law of Mirroring“, Mar. 15, 2023. Teal Swan, online video. Accessed 29.10.2023.

also see “Paradox of Time“.

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5G Wave Salad

Looking at a few online sources it seems that the rollout of 5G is a health disaster for all mammals that are living within its reach. At first glance there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot people can do that are living in the effected areas, which at first are the cities.

[online video, set cookie for content]

“So isn’t this regulated, and this is one of the most interesting things that I’ve found. The federal communications commission is who is supposed to be regulating wireless technology. But if you look at the regulations they are almost 20 years old. So that means our most advanced technology is using science that’s least 20 years old. But not only that, they’re based on a concept which is nearly 50 years old which says that if microwave radiation does not heat us, then it can’t possibly hurt us. But there’s now hundreds of studies that show that this is false. So how is it, that we have a regulatory body that’s not protecting the public? Well, like many issues, like many public health issues, in our country, you end up having industry influencing the regulatory body. And that’s what’s happening here.”

Johnson, Jeromy

The only hope seems to be the orgone generator, to neutralize the bad parts coming off the (near) microwave frequencies that make up 5G. I don’t know enough about Wilhelm Reich’s work to offer a solution – but it does seem that orgone generators are worth researching if you live in an effected area.

Claudia, “Ow, there was one that I wanted to ask you, what do you think about organite, does it help?”
Harald, “In principle yes, it does work – the way it’s described. It’s attracting and absorbing rather unfriendly forms of radiation. The thing is that it’s absorbing it, and at a certain point the material is saturated. And then it starts to again distribute this type of signature (in)to the environment. And then of course the question is if you just buy a simple one or make a simple one yourself; how long can you use it? In a halfway healthy environment, it’s about 3 to 6 months you can use it, and what then? Do you want to throw it away or do you want to burn it? Just put it, what to do with it? So that’s a problem if you just keep it in your environment it’s getting toxic, if you put it somewhere else it’s getting toxic somewhere else. There are a couple of ways to in-build things that keep the quality o.k. what you can do is use it like a crystal. You can wash it under running water frequently, or put it into a little river stream, flowing water on it then the negative energy is discharging again. So you can clear it. This is one possibility. The other possibility that there are certain crystals that you can use. Build them in. That keep the material clean of these bad signatures and energies. (…) Disthyne or Kyanite.”

Claudia and Harald Kautz-Vella


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AT&T, Verizon delay some 5G rollout after airlines warn of chaos“, 19.01.2022. Al Jazeera English, online video. Accessed Jan. 19, 2022.

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Magnets and Energy

The idea that with opposite magnets a type of repeling vortex is created that using the weddingcake method you can create endless rotation.
[online video, set cookie for content]

And here a more worked out version presented at the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands.
[online video, set cookie for content]

M.T. Keshe goes on to redefine the concept of magnetic north and south; explaining that the field interacts, pushing protons or electrons outwards (polarity) and if it is opposite (a similar field) then there is no space to allow the say protons of a magnetic field in to the atomic structure of the opposite magnet. This causes magnets to repel each other. The gravitational field of earth plays a part by pulling the repelling protons or electrons back to the magnet which visually would could be seen as a torus. Therefore he calls the north magnetic pole as entry, and the south magnetic pole as exit. There is alot more interesting information in his lecture.

Also see “Magnets and Energy pt. 2”.

George Green’s Magnetic Motor“. Project Camelot, 2008. Online publisher. Website accessed Jan. 27, 2022.


Paradox of Time

The paradox of time (and timelines) is that when a negative event is created with a negative charge; unwittingly the opposite positive event is created as a possibility on the same density (of a particular dimension). These two extremes are inherit to polarity; which is of dualistic nature.

Therefore every outcome on a timeline will have two distinct choices which represent the outer spectrum of polarity; either positive or negative, with many less extreme choices and their resulting outcomes in between. There is always an opposite charged choice which is created to contrast a particular choice / event; when either choice is made, and there is no avoiding this basic principle in duality.

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.

The Kybalion: Chapter X: Polarity

The person who wrote the before-mentioned quote is dealing with subjective reality, relative truth. When dealing with timelines and fundamental outcomes his opinion, his subjectivity is irrelevant.

Bill Wood with Lisa Harrison“, Feb 9, 2012. Lisa M. Harrison. Online interview. At 34:09 Bill Wood discusses timelines and how they were perceived by Project Looking Glass. Accessed Jan. 31, 2022.

Stephan Popiotek“, June 12, 2014. Super Soldier Talk. Online interview. At 1:09:03 Stephan Popiotek discusses timetravel and influencing past timelines to change the current timeline. Accessed Jan. 31, 2022.

Consciousness-Assisted Technology of Extraterrestrials“, May 20, 2022. Gaia. Online interview. At 8:55 Dr. Steven Greer discusses assisted viewing technology. Accessed May 20, 2022.

Chapter X: Polarity“, 2022. The Kybalion Resource Page. Accessed May 19, 2022.

James Rink – Temporal Civil War“, February 18, 2023. Super Soldier Talk. Online interview. General discussion about ‘Project Looking Glass’, teleportation and influencing other timelines. Accessed May 26, 2023.

also see “Timeline Convergence“.

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Internet Freedom: Verweghistan

Verweghistan – A fictional country derived from the Dutch words “Ver Weg”, which means “Far Away”.

Consider the following statements by MinBuZa, The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In the Netherlands, internet freedom is also a priority in human rights foreign policy.

The Netherlands supports projects aimed at strengthening media diversity and promoting human rights from the Human Rights Fund. A significant part of the total budget is allocated for projects related to internet freedom.15 Initiatives in this area are aimed at: 1) training in online journalism, 2) creating awareness of secure online behaviour, 3) use of circumvention tools and 4) offering strategic hosting support. By using this approach the Dutch government has for instance supported media diversity in Iran, trained online journalists in Afghanistan to make them aware of online security, and made direct investments in projects that offer proxy servers to online activists.”

“To limit the power of the Internet in supporting these key rights, authoritarian regimes have turned to censorship and use blocking and filtering techniques to stem the free flow of information.”  

Protecting and Supporting Cyber Activists Online

Then consider the following internal news from the Netherlands, Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecutors Office.

“Inventarisatie van nieuwe strafrechtelijke opsporingsbevoegdheden op het internet:

Het op afstand doorzoeken van gegevens die vanuit een computer toegankelijk zijn, ongeacht de locatie waarop die gegevens zijn opgeslagen en met inachtneming van de afspraken en regels over de internationale rechtshulp;

Het op afstand ontoegankelijk maken van gegevens die vanuit een computer toegankelijk zijn, ongeacht de locatie van het geautomatiseerde werk waarop die gegevens zijn opgeslagen en met inachtneming van de afspraken en regels over de internationale rechtshulp.

Het op afstand binnendringen van computers en het plaatsen van technische hulpmiddelen (waaronder software) ten behoeve van de opsporing van ernstige vormen van criminaliteit;

De strafbaarstelling van het helen van (digitale) gegevens.”

Opstelten wil opsporing op internet versterken

The new law proposal and judicial rights translated into English would say;

The ability to remotely search through data that are accessible on computers, regardless of the computers’ location or where the data is stored, keeping in mind the protocols of other international legal agencies.

The ability to disable data that is accessible on computers, regardless of the computers’ location or where the data is stored, keeping in mind the protocols of other international legal agencies.

Locating and breaking into remote computers and the placing of technical aids (which could be software), to enable the tracing and logging of  ‘serious forms of cyber-crime’.

Obtaining and providing (digital) documents an illegal act.

And there is a Dutch company that is already waiting for the law.

“Now, exactly two years later, the currently demissionary minister has announced in a letter to the Lower House that cyberlegislation is on its way. At Fox-IT we are anticipating this new law with interest. Because although we often know where to find the foreign servers used in cyberattacks, we can do nothing without a legal basis.”

Are we allowed to fight back?

Further reading on Fox-IT.

“Het ministerie besteedt zelfs recherchewerk aan Fox-IT uit, doordat ze de regie dan in handen kan houden en het werken met eigen mensen ook risico’s met zich meebrengt.’ Fintelman was blij dat Fox-IT in 2003 de unieke cryptotechnologie van Philips overnam.” 

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Also see “Government Spying and the Social Credit System“.