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Google is Preparing for a Sensitive Event (TOS update)

old Google logo style exploration
design Ruth Kedar, image used without permission.

So there is a video circulating on social media with some pretty drastic news;

“February 2024, Google will update the inappropriate content policy for unforeseen ‘sensitive events’ – including civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism, and related activities, conflict or mass acts of violence”

Potential Planned Crisis Incoming. Google Is Preparing for a ‘Sensitive Event’

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The jist of it is;

“Examples of what’s prohibited: products or services that exploit, dismiss, or condone the Sensitive Event, including price gouging, we’re artificially inflating prices that prohibits, restricts access to vital supplies, sales of products, blah blah blah. Okay. So, my buddy’s like, ‘It’s on. They’re prepping. They’re ready to do it.’”

Potential Planned Crisis Incoming. Google Is Preparing for a ‘Sensitive Event’

Then straight from Google’s February 2024 Terms of Service;

“Examples of Sensitive Events include events with significant social, cultural, or political impact, such as civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism and related activities, conflict, or mass acts of violence”

Google TOS, February 2024

Seems pretty drastic; but the scenario starts pointing to the fact that you should have 2 weeks of supplies in your house and that there may be a re-alignment of the banking system and finances. This could be a 2 week blackout of the financial system; credit cards, pay-pal, and bank-transfer; mitigate the consequences by having 2 weeks of food and cash in your house. Understand that power, food and internet could be down for a few weeks.

This is just a news report coming from Google, they are not Pay-Pal / Mastercard or some major banking concern. This TOS change does not necessarily have something to do with the banking system and the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It’s unclear if this just a media policy or something that will play out on our timeline. It’s hard to predict whether Google will push through this TOS (Terms of Service) change as described in the video and whether everyone who is posting more abstract predictions will be affected by the change. Will it become a TOS violation to talk about ‘earth changes’ and ‘health events’ as predictions, as opinion?

“Now, the idea of talking about being prepared, thinking a little bit ahead – you’re a doomsday prepper. Exactly. It totally gives it a negative spin. […] Great reset – in the back of my head […] This tradition right?”

Derrick Broze on The Greater Reset

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MH370 Leaked Footage

A US Navy officer was given a court-martial probably over the leaked Malaysia Airlines MH370 crash footage coming from US Military satellites and drones. Former Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin was sentenced but there is a strong suspicion that it was a coverup as he would have allegedly sold US Military secrets to China. The footage was leaked to the internet and clearly shows anomalies around the airplane before it is vaporised.

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Jay Arae Essex is a meta-physical practitioner with very strong remote-viewing capabilities. Understand that people have to elevate their consciousness to comprehend ET technology and be able to communicate with friendly ETs. He gives an explanation about the leaked Malaysia Airlines MH370 footage and what the anomalies around the airplane are doing before the plane vanishes.

“The Malaysia Airlines MH370 what happened there was, there was some ETs, they were very high-tech, compassionate, historians […]. They went back into the past. Um, just a little bit. They’re from the future they came into the past to try to stop it. What happened […].”

Essex, Jay Arae

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“So when we talk about extraterrestrial intelligence and these other dimensions, we have to begin to entertain the idea – first of all, almost anyway that they would manifest is going to look like magic to us. And it’s very easy to confuse that with something from another dimension that is an ET. So you just accept that that’s the case, but there is a distinct learning curve that happens as you begin to go out and make contact, where you can clearly discern the energy of a human militarized decoy. It’s very obvious. It’s invasive, if you see the object up close, it’s got seams, parts, protuberances, rivets and stuff like this. It’s not an ET.”

Dr. Greer, Steven

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Reykjavík Rising

“Only when the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can not eat money.”

attributed to Alanis Obomsawin, 1972

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There is a slow dissemination of information explaining the 2008 economic meltdown and the hidden mechanisms that led up to the disasterous situation.

I’ve stood infront of the Shah of Iran, the presidents of Indonesia, Ecuador, Panama, members of the Royal House of Saudi Arabia and I’ve said something like, ‘In this hand I have millions of dollars, for you and your friends if you play our game. In this hand I have a gun, in case you decide not to.’ Now my words were more diplomatic than that, but that was the message.

Perkins, John.

Iceland was of course one of the first countries to go in the 2008 meltdown.

And some say that we are the canary that went into the mine. We were the one that crashed first and should we come out alive then there will be hope for others. And we have come out the other end. And some people say it’s brilliant how unbelievable the recovery is but if nothing changes in the structure itself – it’s not a revolution, and there is nothing great about it. Of course we can resample this Frankenstein monster that just goes on and trashes the earth, and makes the rich more rich. And in the end there’s just going to be a hugh revolution where you know, war or something.

Reykjavik Rising“, 2014.

To know what is happening now, it is important to remember the mechanisms that were used after the 2008 housing crash, and what effect they will have in the future.

It was back in February of last year that Micheal Burry first warned of high inflation as a consequence of the Fed’s (Federal Reserve Bank) unprecidented money printing. He was tweeting “prepare for inflation, hashtagging doomed to repeat”. And calling out the US government and the Federal Reserve over the trillions of dollars worth of stimulus they had done. […] Fast forward twelve months and we are now running at a red hot inflation rate of 8.6%. […] But what is very interesting is that in the past month or so Micheal Burry has not just been doing victory laps, instead he has been tweeting quite extensively explaining why he believes this economic crisis and subsequent market downturn has only just begun.

Michael Burrys Warning for the 2022 Stock Market Crash


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Crisis Infographics

The following info graphics serve to explain the different aspects of the current global economic crisis in understandable language. Basically governments are over-borrowing to pay for the different facets of government; war, bank-bailouts, economic bailout packages, along with the regular costs of running countries.

When the debt to GDP (ratio to debt) of a country gets too high they have to continue to finance the interest on the government debt, leading to a deficit in national income. GDP being the ‘gross domestic product’, the amount of income per capita (citizen) that a country generates. Eventually the debt gets too high and this means that the country can either default or print more money (causing hyper-inflation).

The system is based on secrecy, because if it was clear how much money major countries are in debt then the financial / investment markets would become unstable, giving the governments unfavorable credit ratings, causing investors to move to other markets and generally causing economic decline. An integrated facet of the current school of economic thought is that the economy must continually be growing in order to pay off the ever growing national debt. If the economy would reach a no growth or decline situation than the interest on national debt could no longer be covered by national income (unless taxes were raised). However a continually growing economy is an irrational thought because the earth and her resources are finite, eventually leading to a no growth situation (which is predictable and agreeable). In this leveled off or no growth situation national debt becomes impossible to pay off. The current economic paradigm is therefore impossible to sustain.

The American 2007 (+/-) homeowner crisis

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Japan’s 2012 Debt Problem Visualized

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Food Speculation

Less to do directly with the crisis but more so about the nature of international business on a large scale. Our current paradigm and system allow for economic exploitation at the cost of regular citizens.

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