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Magnets and Energy

The idea that with opposite magnets a type of repeling vortex is created that using the weddingcake method you can create endless rotation.
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And here a more worked out version presented at the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands.
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M.T. Keshe goes on to redefine the concept of magnetic north and south; explaining that the field interacts, pushing protons or electrons outwards (polarity) and if it is opposite (a similar field) then there is no space to allow the say protons of a magnetic field in to the atomic structure of the opposite magnet. This causes magnets to repel each other. The gravitational field of earth plays a part by pulling the repelling protons or electrons back to the magnet which visually would could be seen as a torus. Therefore he calls the north magnetic pole as entry, and the south magnetic pole as exit. There is alot more interesting information in his lecture.

Also see “Magnets and Energy pt. 2”.

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