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Marijuana Neutralises Cancer

There are a lot of claims on the internet going around about the medicinal effects of marijuana (cannabis, weed). It is obviously a good low-level painkiller and is known to reduce the pain behind the eyes associated with glaucoma. Patients with epilepsy related seizures are also coming out en masse to talk about the benefits of medical marijuana. However one of its medicinal effects that has particularly caught my eye is marijuana’s effect on cancer tumors (via Cannabinoids (CBDs) and the Endo-Cannabinoid system), as it seems to have the ability to aid the body in reversing tumor growth and expelling cancer from the body.

Rick Simpson’s Run From the Cure talks about his hands on experience with Marijuana oil (an extract), which does not necessarily have to be psychoactive because the THC in the plant is not heated (which causes the high); what you are left with is CBD oil in combination with unactivated THC. At the forefront of theoretical cancer reasearch is a medical researcher, Dr. Christina Sanchez who has been looking into the medicinal properties of CBDs for a long time and explains her preliminary findings within several online video segments, some of which have been taken offline.

Big-pharma has no reason to pursue a plant based cure because it would be impossible to patent a natural remedy, except if they work with some sort of synthetic CBD pill / extract and keep Marijuana illegal. Once the Marijuana plant becomes legal to cultivate, even if there is a patented synthetic CBD cure, the natural cure is still ‘open source’ so to speak. For them it is sadly much easier (and more profitable) to continue to push partial ‘therapies’ that don’t work, and continue the perpetual goose chase in terms of research (and monetary grants and donations).

Furthermore these very potent medicinal properties would also put the U.S. global drug policy in question, which is something that a lot of politicians, policy makers and lobbies will oppose. I will close with a totally sarcastic and out-of-context piece of a social network comment; “At least an alcoholic doesn’t go around saying beer cures cancer and can save the world.” –  related to the fact that Marijuana is often smoked as a recreational drug, that it is’t only a medicine but if applied properly has a very potent and vareity of potential.

“Even the money that goes to cancer research.. […] The money that they send to cancer research is going straight to pharmaceutical companies. What are they doing with it? They are trying to research and patent a drug to sell back to you. So what you do, you are giving, you are charitably giving your money to a company that is using that to fund research on a product they’re going to patent and sell back to you.”

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article last updated: 14 Feb., 2024.