A Ripple

A Ripple
Imagine you are all building a collective house.
Someone has to go and carry the first brick.
Not knowing how the house will be in the end,
the first person goes and places a stone, and walks away.
Over time, the house grows, as everyone goes and places a brick.

And it starts to take shape.
By the time the house is halfway,
no one remembers who placed the first brick.
Everyone is looking towards the sky,
wondering how tall the house will be.

Dave PiXelSHift
27 Dec., 2012. 11:11 PM


The Acid Theatre

In this alternate reality of the ’50’s we follow a little girl “Iza” (Lisa Eernisse) who after
a horrifying incident with her father, wakes up in the afterlife.  Here she meets strange
creatures of the night, who take her to a party of darkness hosted by “Rinse”. via YouTube