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Reykjavík Rising

“Only when the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can not eat money.”

attributed to Alanis Obomsawin, 1972

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Jesus X Ninjutsu

I can really enjoy the following artists’ work.


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5G Wave Salad

Looking at a few online sources it seems that the rollout of 5G is a health disaster for all mammals that are living within its reach. At first glance there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot people can do that are living in the effected areas, which at first are the cities.

“So isn’t this regulated, and this is one of the most interesting things that I’ve found. The federal communications commission is who is supposed to be regulating wireless technology. But if you look at the regulations they are almost 20 years old. So that means our most advanced technology is using science that’s least 20 years old. But not only that, they’re based on a concept which is nearly 50 years old which says that if microwave radiation does not heat us, then it can’t possibly hurt us. But there’s now hundreds of studies that show that this is false. So how is it, that we have a regulatory body that’s not protecting the public? Well, like many issues, like many public health issues, in our country, you end up having industry influencing the regulatory body. And that’s what’s happening here.”

(Johnson, Jeromy)

The only hope seems to be the orgone generator, to neutralize the bad parts coming off the (near) microwave frequencies that make up 5G. I don’t know enough about Wilhelm Reich’s work to offer a solution – but it does seem that orgone generators are worth researching if you live in an effected area.

Claudia, “Ow, there was one that I wanted to ask you, what do you think about organite, does it help?”
Harald, “In principle yes, it does work – the way it’s described. It’s attracting and absorbing rather unfriendly forms of radiation. The thing is that it’s absorbing it, and at a certain point the material is saturated. And then it starts to again distribute this type of signature (in)to the environment. And then of course the question is if you just buy a simple one or make a simple one yourself; how long can you use it? In a halfway healthy environment, it’s about 3 to 6 months you can use it, and what then? Do you want to throw it away or do you want to burn it? Just put it, what to do with it? So that’s a problem if you just keep it in your environment it’s getting toxic, if you put it somewhere else it’s getting toxic somewhere else. There are a couple of ways to in-build things that keep the quality o.k. what you can do is use it like a crystal. You can wash it under running water frequently, or put it into a little river stream, flowing water on it then the negative energy is discharging again. So you can clear it. This is one possibility. The other possibility that there are certain crystals that you can use. Build them in. That keep the material clean of these bad signatures and energies. (…) Disthyne or Kyanite.”

(Claudia and Harald Kautz-Vella)


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Magnets and Energy pt. 2

So, this older example clearly shows another magnet motor driving a 3.6 KW conventional industrial dynamo using a similar repelling principle shown in other examples.

Also a technical drawing came out from the promising example which was presented at several technical universities in Europe. That film is below.

Also see “Magnets and Energy”.



On My Internet Travels.

Interesting point of view on the Matrix Trilogy that explains a few things from a different perspective and in a little more detail.


History and War

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

(attributed to Haile Selassie I)

“Moor your craft higher up than the enemy, and facing the sun. Do not move up-stream to meet the enemy. So much for river warfare.”

(Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, 9.6: The Army and the March.)

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Protest Based Stimulus

Although I’m only directly influenced by the US of A’s foreign policy, the US of A’s internal politics mean nothing to me. However, the following program was so inspirational that I almost wanted to tweet about it.