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Cash Ruins Everything Around Me, don't remember where I found this.

Cash Ruins Everything Around Me,

Don’t remember where I found this, but feels true.


Ad Busting

Vermibus takes a ride around Europe and does interesting work and commentary to the advertising that is forced upon us in the everyday urban environment.

Video via Vermibus’ website.



Untitled, 2012.PiXelSHift

And there you sit,
at a crossroads in your life.
Where will it take you?

Will it make sense? Will it balance?
Or will it fall?


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Taking back the Net

Tech savvy entrepreneurs take back the network during the Occupy New York movement. They had developed a software / hardware solution to wirelessly network and spread information.

It seems like a very obvious next step for the makers that they develop a portable polling station to improve the accessibility of local voting on issues for instance in an area of a city. Imagine if at the general assembly demonstrators would have been allowed to vote via a server, it would be ingenious and empowering at the same time, minimizing the headache of direct-democracy and making decisions on the spot.

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Crisis Infographics

The following info graphics serve to explain the different aspects of the current global economic crisis in understandable language. Basically governments are over-borrowing to pay for the different facets of government; war, bank-bailouts, economic bailout packages, along with the regular costs’ of running countries.

When the debt to GDP (ratio to debt) of a country gets too high they have to continue to finance the interest on the government debt, leading to a deficit in national income. GDP being the ‘gross domestic product’, the amount of income per capita (citizen) that a country generates. Eventually the debt gets too high and this means that the country can either default or print more money (causing hyper-inflation).

The system is based on secrecy, because if it was clear how much money major countries are in debt then the financial / investment markets would become unstable, giving the governments unfavorable credit ratings, causing investors to move to other markets and generally causing economic decline. An integrated facet of the current school of economic thought is that the economy must continually be growing in order to pay off the ever growing national debt. If the economy would reach a no growth or decline situation than the interest on national debt could no longer be covered by national income (unless taxes were raised). However a continually growing economy is an irrational thought because the earth and her resources are finite, eventually leading to a no growth situation (which is predictable and agreeable). In this leveled off or no growth situation national debt becomes impossible to pay off. The current economic paradigm is therefore impossible to sustain.

The American 2007 (+/-) homeowner crisis

Japan’s 2012 Debt Problem Visualized

Food Speculation

Less to do directly with the crisis but more so about the nature of international business on a large scale. Our current paradigm and system allow for economic exploitation at the cost of regular citizens.

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Please Wake Up

“Remember, remember,
the Fifth of November,
the Gunpowder Treason and Plot.
I know of no reason
why the Gunpowder Treason
should ever be forgot…”

Please wake up before our humanity is lost forever

Still from the short clip documenting the recent ‘Million Mask March’.


JahNation @ Vilnius, LT


Getting ready for some hardtekno, amen and ragga- vibes in Vilnius, Lithuinia.



Bassfaced #8 @ het Paard

Bassfaced #8 kicks off another edition in het Paard.

I will be VJ’ing a short guest set.






8Bahn Area Festival @ Ede

Extract of MIDI sync, hardware visuals using VJ software.  Baz Reznik is improvising on drum computers and software synths.



Festival Site